The farm is a place of paradise. The food was 5+. I felt like floating all week long. I got everything I went for and even more. Next time make it for a two weeks or at least 10 days long.
Melanie (Luxemburg)

I am a passionate fan of retreats, I go to retreats every year, and I can tell you, this retreat was amazing, my number one! I’ve felt safe, calm and natural, on the other hand I got filled with energy and power. Ricardo’s classes were more than inspiring. I’ve become addicted to Juliet’s cooking (I want her e-book now!) And finally I am grateful to Andrea for organising everything in her peaceful way.
Anita (Budapest)

I came over to Mallorca with a group of 12 yogis from Ireland and returned on Sunday after having spent a wonderful week in this venue: a beautiful 13th century farmhouse still full of original furniture and paintings and surrounded by orange and lemon trees as well as other more exotic fruit trees. We practised yoga both in the vaulted recently renovated yoga room and outside on the terrace where we had stunning views of the peaceful countryside and the only sounds were the birds. As for the food it was exceptionally good .We looked forward to every meal and felt completely nourished. Juliet is a gifted cook .We all wanted to take her home with us. It is a perfect venue for a yoga retreat, the only snag being that it is not served by public transport so we had to hire taxis or a mini bus for our trips away.
However some of the group were perfectly content to stay around the area and go for walks. The most memorable being the walk from Randa up the small mountain to the monastery where we had stunning views of the whole island. All in all we enjoyed our stay very much and many thanks to Andrea and Juliet.
Michele (Ireland)

Amazing venue for a week of yoga. Beautiful old farmhouse belonging to the same family since the 13th century, situated in tranquil countryside with mountains on the horizon. Yoga classes were given in a large vaulted chamber or outside on the terrace in the sunshine. Accomodation was two to a room, comfortable with good showers with lots of hot water. The vegetarian food by Juliet was out of this world – different dishes at each meal and with a variety of flavours and seasonings I have never experienced before. Excellent massages available in Randa (1 km) – a hired car would be an asset for visits to the beach. Our group of 13 from Ireland were the only people staying at the time so it was like being in a private house with Andrea and Juliet as our hostesses. Highly recommended.
Ennis (Ireland)

A wonderful spot for peaceful yoga at the finca near Randa. Birdsong, breeze and breathtaking views. The accommodation: comfortable and grand at the same time. The yoga facilities perfect. Everything pleasing to the eye. The food prepared in the vast kitchen is delicious. The ancient walls give a sense of space and security. Highly recommended if you want to get away from it all – but not too far away – only 20 minutes walk along a country road to the nearest village and only 30 minutes by taxi to lovely Palma. A good jumping off place for other trips round Mallorca.
Elizabeth (UK)

I had initial reservations because I thought it would be all hippy loving, holding hands and chanting , but it turned out that I really enjoyed Carl’s insights, the rest, seclusion and the amazing food. I also got really clear about my own future goals and some business distinctions I need to make. Plus I really liked the workshop on limiting beliefs. The morning routine was very interesting for me too. I thought the venue was great – historic, rustic, but comfortable. The retreat was great value for money and I would definitely recommend it for other people.
Andy (UK)

I just got back from this yoga retreat 3 days ago with a very good friend of mine and I still am smiling. There is a daily asthanga yoga in the morning with Ricardo Martinez who is extremely knowledgable and makes you look at yoga in a totally different light. I have done yoga for a while and always used it as a way to keep my flexibility as I ride horses and sit in offices, which are all bad for your back. Ricardo made me do yoga as a way to combine mind, body (fitness) and spirit. After yoga practice with delicious breakfast and fresh fruit, we went rock climbing on Friday which was an achievement for me as I have never climbed. After picnic lunch, my friend and new found friend at the retreat went and visited lovely old town of Palma. There was delicious vegetarian dinner ready at the chapel when we got back. Next day, we went diving and I can honestly say it was one of my best scuba dives with Andrea who is a fantastic instructor in the Mediterranean. I can’t sing enough praises about this retreat, I have climbed, dived, done yoga and cleansed by body and mind with yoga practice and lovely veggie meals. If you don’t want to do the activities you don’t have to. I will go back again as it has left a lasting impression on me.
Nadia (UK)

I wanted to write to say that this Retreat has changed my life! I hadn’t practiced yoga before, but Ricardo Martinez was amazing – he catered for complete beginners to experienced in the same class. I learnt so much from him for which I will be eternally grateful. I am now practising Ashtanga and Hatha yoga twice a week and feeling GREAT! The venue was just perfect, nestled up in the hills in a converted Monastery, we ate outside with lovely views and the food was divine! Val who did the catering freshly prepared all the food which was vegetarian. Along with the yoga I did Rock Climbing and Stand up paddling, plus trips to the beach to relax and also by the pool at the Monastery. I was there for 4 days and although did a lot, it was very relaxing, nothing was rushed and I also managed to get a Tibetan Massage in on the Sunday! I would TOTALLY recommend this to anyone who is looking for something to ‘take them away’ for a few days and embrace the atmosphere of this amazing place. Thanks Andrea, Ricardo, Val, Gabby and everyone who looked after us – what an inspiration you have been.
Anna (UK)

The venue is so amazingly breataking. The crew was very attentive and helpful. Very inspiring and fun week. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a break and a refreshment to mind body and soul.
Ferry (Indonesia)

The retreat was great. An amazing experience and unforgettable. What I liked best was the yoga classes, the relationships I established during the retreat and the venue was really special. I felt very well after the week of detoxing. By the end of the retreat I definitely had more energy and peace; plus some new habits to adopt, including meditation. I liked all of the workshops and the food was…lovely! The retreat was great value for money and I would definitely recommend it.
Elena (Spain)

I liked best the teachings by Carl, the food, the chance to teach yoga, and the retreat space – all of it basically. The greatest distinction I made (as well as tons of other stuff) was to ‘let things flow’.  I loved all of the workshops we did and the food was amazing. The morning routine with Kundalini yoga was a great natural flow and a lovely compliment to Carl’s wisdom. It was such a fantastic week full of variation. I feel happier, healthier, wiser, full of energy and you can’t ask for more than that. I would absolutely recommend this retreat to other people. Thank you Carl, Ferry and Andrea.
Anna (UK)

I really didn’t expect the retreat to be so much fun, and to laugh so much. So that was great. The other things I loved was the morning routine of yoga and meditation, the fantastic food (I loved it!), the coaching sessions and workshops, plus the great venue and people. I had an amazing insight during the retreat about some unprocessed emotions, which we worked on in a private coaching session. I felt really great after the week of detoxing. My mind is clear. My body relaxed. And more energy. The retreat is a really good investment because I learned a lot, there was great food, I found my peace and had a lot of fun. I would definitely recommend this for other people.
Catalina (UK)