5 reasons to host your yoga retreat with us in 2018

1. Mallorca is the most beautiful island of the Mediterranean. 2. Flying to Palma de Mallorca (PMI) is easy¬†and accessible from all around the world. 3. Staying in our venue will make you feel like a Mallorcan noble some centuries ago. 4. You will be pampered with delicious and healthy meals prepared by our private … Continue reading “5 reasons to host your yoga retreat with us in 2018”

Poetic Stone Sculptures by Silvia Felix

We are proud to announce that we have started a co-operation with Silvia and her workshops can also be booked through us! Just drop us a line to inquire or book! Silvia Felix Poetic Stone Sculptures A creative holistic Retreat and A Journey to your Self Lasting three, four or five days, the stone sculpture … Continue reading “Poetic Stone Sculptures by Silvia Felix”

Life Coaching Retreat

My coaching journey has started in 2012, when I was looking for an activity that I could practice parallel to my scuba diving instructor job. It really felt amazing to show people a previously unknown world, see their attitude and personality in a challenging situation and to lead them through a process that ended up … Continue reading “Life Coaching Retreat”

Land: hiking Mallorca

Despite of being a typical summer person, I love winter in Mallorca.¬†Beside the mild temperatures and soft sunny days, the energy of the island changes: everything is a lot more relaxed, sleepy and still, there are loads of outdoor activities that you can practice. Today I would like to share my experience about hiking on … Continue reading “Land: hiking Mallorca”

How to make an impact on the world?

Apparently with our diet (and our shopping choices). I have been invited to participate in a program called Vegan Bootcamp, organised by the Vegan Gastronomy Culinary Academy in Mallorca. I am spending the week learning about plant based food and very interesting techniques like how to make vegan cheeses, meat and seafood. Apparently, anything can … Continue reading “How to make an impact on the world?”