Emotional Walkabout Retreat


1 – 5 and 23 – 27 May, 2018

Quiet presence, soothing practice.


In need of some Sun, Nutritious Vegan Food, Hiking, Yin Yoga and Soul Searching? Interested in doing this on Mallorca in May and/or September? Interested too in learning more about the ‘Emotional Walkabout’ Guided Meditation? Join Marianne de Kuyper during her 5-Day ‘Emotional Walkabout Retreat’ on Mallorca.

1 May – Tuesday 2 May – Wednesday 3 May – Thursday 4 May – Friday 5 May – Saturday
8:00 yoga 8:00 yoga 8:00 yoga 9:00 brunch
10:00 brunch 10:00 brunch 10:00 brunch 10:00 check-out
16:00 check-in free time / optional program free time / optional program free time / optional program
17:00 welcome circle
17:30 light welcome yoga 17:00 yoga 17:00 yoga 17:00 yoga
19:30 dinner 19:00 dinner 19:00 dinner 19:00 dinner



  • accommodation in shared double rooms with en-suite bathroom.
  • unique historical mansion by Randa, surrounded by nature.
  • plant based, locally sourced brunch and dinner by our private chef.
  • 7 yoga classes and 2 Emotional Walkabout Meditations.
  • walking possibilities close to our location.


  • airport transfers / travel arrangements.
  • massages or any programs not included in the program schedule.
  • bike / car hire.
  • SUP, guided hiking.
  • the book ‘Insight Yoga’ from Sarah Powers (buy it yourself and bring it with you).


The ‘Emotional Walkabout Retreat’ with our Dutch Yin Yoga Teacher and Guidance Counsellor, Marianne de Kuyper, will be hosted in Breathspiration’s main venue in Randa on the island of Mallorca on 1-5 May, 26-30 May and 18-22 September. For just 749 Euros all-in!


During the Emotional Walkabout Retreat Marianne will focus on reconnecting you with your body by applying the tool of Yin Yoga and a tool of self-inquiry called the ‘Emotional Walkabout*’.

Within the Yin Yoga classes she will guide you through moments of sitting still whilst doing breathing exercises. These meditation and breathing exercises will flow into a Yin Yoga class in which you will hold the Yoga poses for longer periods of time, so that each pose becomes a mini-mediation.
You will be doing all-round Yin Yoga sessions that affect your whole body and being. In these classes you will focus on stretching the major muscle groups in the body to feel light and rested afterwards. Individual requests are welcome and these will be added to the Yin Yoga flow. Our main goal is to improve your flexibility and to soothe your whole body, mind, heart and spirit.

If needed, she will add Restorative Yoga poses to make the practice even more beneficial. The effect will be that, apart from improving your range of motion and flexibility, that you will slow down and that you will feel rested, calm and soothed after each practice.

Marianne will also invite you to join two guided ‘Emotional Walkabout’ meditations during the free hours on your retreat days. A specific time will be set for this. In this Self-Inquiry Meditation she will guide you through eight self-inquiry steps. You will find your own answers to a situation you would like to work with. It is a powerful tool to experiencing your own wisdom and strength.


Just some quotes on what you can expect of the deeper benefits of the retreat:
+ Take your practice to the next level
+ Rediscover yourself after having felt disconnected for too long
+ Become stronger mentally and find inner peace
+ Be more relaxed and refreshed than you’ve ever been
+ The ideal place to unplug, slow down that fast pace, and get back in touch with nature


All ages and all levels are welcome.
It especially useful for those of 21 and older to start regaining flexibility in the body already.
It is also interesting for everyone who is interested in slowing down and diving deeper.


Marianne de Kuyper is known for her soothing voice, clear instructions and quiet presence. She is also known for her focus, attentiveness and her patience and for making a difference in people’s lives. Her students are also able to continue practicing on their own after attending her classes. This is also her goal: to teach you how to do Yin Yoga yourself, so you can apply the tools whenever you need them most. She also strongly believes that Yoga and meditation can be useful tools to sooth your body, mind and heart in a world full of impulses and sounds.

She is the founder of Yinyogawithmarianne.com: a website on Yoga and Personal Development and she started a YouTube channel ‘Yin Yoga with Marianne’ to train people to apply the tool of Yin Yoga themselves. She has worked as a certified Yoga teacher since 2010, ran her own studio and currently combines travelling with teaching Yoga abroad. She is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and often travels. As a result she has taught Yoga classes and workshops at various well-known Yoga studios, health clubs and resorts in Amsterdam, Mozambique and South Africa.

Marianne de Kuyper
 ‘Yin Yoga with Marianne’




Reviews: Facebook Yin Yoga with Marianne.


Marianne also offers you the possibility to book private sessions with her during the Yoga retreat. You can for example book private Yoga-, Meditation- and or Breathing sessions with her and/or Guided Self-Inquiry Meditations. You can also book hiking trips and other sporty activities through Breathspiration to allow you to incorporate the best during these days on the island. An additional fee will be charged for these activities.


Marianne de Kuyper works together with our team from Breathspiration and with Adienn Guhr, our private chef and an amazing female Vegan Cook. Adrienn will cook plant based, locally sourced (vegan) brunch and dinner for us. Feel free to choose from our wine and local artisan beer list!


Our retreat will be hosted in our main venue in Randa that was built in the 13th century therefore staying there provides a unique experience in traditional Mallorcan countryside lifestyle. The house is equipped with all modern commodities, rooms with en-suite bathroom, terraces, a yoga room and a swimming pool.


You fly to Palma de Mallorca International Airport (PMI) which is the capital of the beautiful island of Mallorca.

“If you can bear living in the paradise, then come to Mallorca.” – Robert Graves

If you have never been to Mallorca, chances are, that you might have an image of high rise apartment blocks, streets lined with bars and a plenty of drunken package holiday makers.

Mallorca, however is quite different and far more complex.

First, the inevitable 550 km coastline of the island with a variety of small, hidden calas (bays) and vast stretches of virgin beaches with a Caribbean-esque feel. There is almost 200 beaches altogether!

The Mediterranean climate makes the island particularly attractive in all seasons.

Mallorca has a long historic past, and thus the great number of impressive buildings and architecture of interest. The rich cultural history has left many remarkable sights to explore, such as castles, ruins, monasteries, grand manor houses and gardens.

We should not forget about one of the main attractions of the island: its astonishing natural beauty. The stunning scenery is ideal for enjoying outdoor pursuits. You can find protected Natural Parks all over Mallorca topped by the Serra de Tramuntana, which is a Unesco World Heritage site. Walking and hiking are popular activities as well as cycling, which is really massive in Mallorca, as it is a well-established destination for professional road cycling teams.

The island also attracts golfers of all levels with its around 20 golf courses.

The surrounding seas offer great possibilities for sailing as it hosts many international regattas each year.

Scuba divers can choose between a wide variety of National Parks and other amazing diving spots all around the island. Here you have the chance to submerge in the unique underwater life of the Mediterranean.

Mallorca is known by Spaniards as “La Isla de la Calma” which refers to its laidback and relaxed atmosphere.

The island is only a few hours flight from all major European airports, hence it is the best choice for group retreats!

Use this opportunity to discover paradise just a few steps away from you!