curated yoga retreats and locations

Breathspiration was born in Mallorca in 2013. We have been creating unforgettable retreat experiences for groups and individuals since then. Our curated retreat locations, venues and experiences are a summary of what we love: architecture, style, gastronomy and authentic, local, sustainable ways of living. Our goal is to make yoga teacher’s life easier: we curate locations and venues, and design tailor made experiences for you!

Are you looking for a yoga retreat? We offer a wide selection of retreats in Mallorca, luxury yoga retreats, ashtanga yoga retreats, beginners yoga retreats, yoga retreats in Europe, Spain, Italy, Greece and Hungary as well as yoga and creative retreats in Morocco! We are constantly adding new destinations: if you would like to be the first to know about them, just send us an e-mail and we’ll add you to our mailing list. 


  • Professional retreat management for yoga teachers
  • Retreat planning and budgeting
  • Curated locations and venues
  • Full logistics on each location
  • Catering and extra programs
  • Off the beaten track experiences
  • Sustainable and eco conscious
  • Tailor made group retreats / events

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Lifestyle retreats

  • Curated retreat venues and locations
  • Inspiring retreat leaders
  • Delicious and healthy food
  • Knowledgeable local guides
  • Off the beaten track experiences
  • Authentic, local, sustainable retreats
  • Yoga retreats Mallorca
  • Luxury retreats
  • Yoga retreats Morocco

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  • Professional chefs and assistants
  • Experts in plant based diets
  • Yoga retreat catering
  • Healthy food catering
  • Mallorca vegan catering
  • Organic, 0km ingredients

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  • Immediate access to team of professionals
  • Personalised retreat planning
  • Exclusive venues & experiences 
  • Fully serviced retreats for groups / individuals
  • Attention to detail


  • Off the beaten track retreat experiences
  • Fully curated routes & locations
  • Professional, multicultural guides
  • Detailed retreat packages
  • Delicious and healthy food


  • Event organiser with hundreds of successful retreats
  • Experienced travellers
  • Style and art lovers who select the best for you
  • Effortless retreat organisation
  • Focus on comfort, adventure and gastronomy