Probably the main image that people envision about yoga is: a person with legs crossed, hands over each knee and looking serene. For many of us who are working in a busy environment, experiencing great amount of stress, dealing with multiple challenges during the day at the workplace (and later on at home) this idealized picture is just a nice dream. When Zsanett and Reka started to practice yoga, both of them worked long hours, had several business trips each month and they realized that although the ultimate goal of yoga is the same, the way how yoga can be introduced to someone can vary a lot. A business professional might require different explanations and if a teacher speaks their language, yoga can become more accessible and approachable for them too. For example doing a headstand can be a fun thing to learn but if people know it can help them to be a better leader, it changes the perspective.

Why Out Of Office?

Everyone who ever worked in a corporate environment knows that delightful feeling when you set the Out Of Office message before going on a vacation. The feeling of ‘Now I can relax’. On the Out Of Office Yoga Holiday you can relax, nourish yourself and explore a beautiful island. A healthy balance of yoga, conscious nutrition and a memorable vacation. All the essential elements of life that you always wanted to do but somehow did not find the time or way to have them. Zsanett and Reka designed this Yoga Holiday for people who work and live in a fast paced environment. They are familiar with your challenges and so they aim to share their hands-on experience on how yoga and mindfulness can help at the workplace, with colleagues, how it supports the ability to create work-life balance and overall contentedness in life. They will provide a living example on how incorporating yogic mindset into everyday life can be an enormous help both on and off the mat.

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About the Instructors & Founders of My Mindful Of Yoga

Réka and Zsanett were once colleagues at a large corporation working as management consultants. They became friends, fell in love with yoga and this encounter slowly started to change their life. They believe yoga is for everyone and practice is the best thing that can happen to your next business project. They called for life My Mindful Of Yoga to build a community of like-minded people who would like to incorporate mindfulness and sustainable well-being through yoga into their everyday life both in and out of the office.

Réka lives in Switzerland where she teaches Ashtanga inspired Vinyasa classes and works as a management consultant specialized in Change Management and Leadership Development.

Zsanett lives in Michigan, US where she teaches Hatha and Women’s Yoga, holds Mindful Eating workshops while leading the Operations team in a startup.