Marianne de Kuyper, who is teaching a ‘Emotional Walkabout Retreat*’ at one of our Breathspiration locations in May and September 2018 uses Yin Yoga as a tool to actually hear the needs of her body, mind and heart: “As soon as I sit still and I do the Yin Yoga poses, I clearly hear what it is that I’d like to do and need to do. Then as I get up off the mat, I know what my goal is for that day.”

Yoga and Personal Development

Talking to Marianne, I realized that she combines Yoga with personal development. I found out that she uses some interesting ways to make her students connect with their voice inside. She has done Yoga since the age of 18 and she has always been interested in personal development. Marianne has put in the 10.000 hours so to speak to get to know herself and what her personal story is. Like Adrienn, our vegan chef on the retreat expressed to her after they had worked and lived together in Tofo, Mozambique just recently: “Thank you, I have learned so much form you already!”.

Self-Inquiry Champion

Marianne has followed group- as well as individual therapy, saw coaches for whatever challenges she wanted to resolve and she read quite a few books on Yoga and personal development to dive even deeper and she is determined to keep on doing so. You could say she is a Self-Inquiry Champion. That is also the reason she is setting up to let others learn from her explorations, so that you can soon be and feel like a champion too in whatever field you are wishing to thrive.

Emotional Walkabout

What tool does Marianne use for her self-inquiries? “I once came across the book ‘Emotional Yoga’ from Bija Bennet and loved the exercise ‘Emotional Walkabout’ that she uses and shares with her students. It is such a simple, yet powerful way to find out what needs to be done about a situation, person or feeling. Whenever I follow the 8 steps, I feel very clearly what I can do and I feel positive and wise, since I know I carry all the answers inside of me already”.

Emotional Walkabout Retreat

During Marianne’s retreats she will invite you to learn how do Yin Yoga yourself (DIY) by guiding you on what you want to feel and what not to feel whilst being in the Yoga poses. She will also teach you how you can adapt the poses to what is anatomically possible for your body. Just like is stated by the book of Bernie Clark ‘Your Body, Your Yoga’. She will also invite you to dive deeper by sharing a reader with you in which you will find additional self-inquiry questions that are related to the energetic element that is being addressed in the Yin Yoga classes.

Marianne is known for being very patient, quiet and having a soothing voice. This is also what I felt whilst talking to her. I am thrilled that she is going to be working with us and I am for sure looking forward to attending this Emotional Walkabout Retreat that sounds like a wonderful, exhilarating journey through the body, mind and heart.


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* NB: The term ‘Emotional Walkabout’ is owned by Bija Bennett from the book Emotional Yoga: