Tracy Aleksic

Tracy Aleksic, E-R.Y.T.500 is an experienced yoga teacher, Yoga Alliance educational provider (YACEP), Thai massage therapist, and studying Yoga Therapist (C-I.A.Y.T.) who travels the world and inspires people to embody their fullest potential.

She weaves anatomical focus, emotional balance, and energy awareness intermingled with a playfulness using movement as medicine.

Tracy created her nomadic business Pop Up Yoga Studio to host nourishing Food, Wine, and Wellness Retreats in beautiful locations around the world. Join her Online for a class or individual support. She is motivated to inspire your healing and transformation.

Tracy’s background: Tracy found the practice of Yoga in her late teens to help manage stress. From that first class, she was hooked for life! Once she became a certified Yoga teacher, she gained teaching experience by co-founding Yoga for Parkinson’s Disease at the Barrow Neurological Institute, rehabilitating professional bodybuilders through Hatha and Yin Yoga practices and offering Holistic Health practices to treatment-resistant psychiatric patients. She studied prenatal Thai massage in Montreal, Quebec and moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand to further study Thai massage therapy and reflexology at the Thai Massage Shivagakomarpaj School. This education allowed her to safely manipulate the physical body to alleviate pain and discomfort. Time and experience have proven that Yoga is a potent elixir for the Body, Mind, and
Soul. It can be adapted for everybody.

Tracy is a mama, teacher, author, speaker, and explorer. She resides with her family in southern California. Subscribe to her newsletter to stay connected: