1. Safety First

If you consider hosting a yoga retreat, only work with venues and service providers that are fully aware of the new legal and health requirements and also keep them! Do not risk your and your student’s health because of attractive looking offers. Put hygiene on the first place!

2. Bucket List Destinations

Once international travel opens, you will have the chance to host your yoga retreat at destinations that have been overloaded with tourists in the recent years. Now you can enjoy the silence and quiet vibes, and your once in a lifetime opportunity to travel!

3. Social Consciousness

Many people have lost their jobs, especially those who work in tourism related businesses. Please be aware of this and make conscious buying choices. Support small, local businesses, many families depend on these incomes!

4. Eco Conscious Travel

The «new normal» will be conscious traveling.  People will keep on flying to remote destinations, but once there, we have to take choices that make the least impact on the planet. Never forget, that we are part of the ecosystem, and our survival depends on the wellbeing of all members!

5. Support Local

Discover places around you! Sometimes we tend to look far and forget about the beauties of our environment. It is also very important to support local businesses, our «neighbors». Look for yoga retreat locations that are easy to reach from your home.