Apparently with our diet (and our shopping choices).

I have been invited to participate in a program called Vegan Bootcamp, organised by the Vegan Gastronomy Culinary Academy in Mallorca. I am spending the week learning about plant based food and very interesting techniques like how to make vegan cheeses, meat and seafood. Apparently, anything can be created from plant sources with the help of creativity, knowledge and yeasts. I love the idea that we learn so much about the science of food, creating tastes and textures.

But why is all this important? Many of us tries to live according to the principles of sustainability and not harm our environment. Our food choice is the most important factor in this field, as it has a direct impact on our health, environment and pollution. Let me also mention the yogic principle of «ahimsa» – no harm.

My personal notion is – something that I am aiming to accomplish on our retreats as well – BALANCE has to be present in every field of our life, including our diet.

Our body tells us what to or not to eat. Our consciousness helps us to make decisions about our diet based on our knowledge about scientific facts (I know, it changes all the time :), economic principles such as 0 km (try to buy locally sourced to reduce pollution due to transportation and also to support local community) and last but not least our aim to not harm other members of our ecosystem (animals).

I also believe that there is no «universal truth» in terms of diets, so just listen to your body and learn about the above principles and finally: think free.

Ohh, I almost forgot to share the result of all this – a vegan cheese plate: