My coaching journey has started in 2012, when I was looking for an activity that I could practice parallel to my scuba diving instructor job. It really felt amazing to show people a previously unknown world, see their attitude and personality in a challenging situation and to lead them through a process that ended up with becoming a certified diver. In my opinion life coaching has a lot of similarities as basically what life coaches do is: 1. guidance – they provide you tools to reach your goals (or even helping you in finding your goals), 2. empowerment – to help you realise your self worth or belief) and finally 3. improvement – you will go from where you are to where you want to be. It is a very rewarding activity and I am really amazed to see the change in my clients. All this is the reason why I have decided to offer my first all inclusive retreat that will be based on coaching practices but will be enriched with yoga and pilates as morning activities, healthy food and introduction to juicing and a lot more! I have chosen a location in Mallorca that – with its special energy – adds to the whole experience. The retreat has a very limited group size (maximum 6 guests) to make it even more personalised. I am looking forward welcoming you in Mallorca in May! For further information and reservation, please click here.