Andrea Fórizs

Founder | Certified Life Coach | Scuba Diving Instructor | Yoga Practitioner

Andrea founded Breathspiration in 2013 to organise yoga retreats on the beautiful island of Mallorca. Yet the main activity transferred to hosting retreats by other teachers in the last years. Furthermore she is working on expanding the brand to new locations. In addition to this, she also organises co-working retreats for location independent professionals, team buildings for companies and tailo r made adventure programs for groups. She is leading coaching workshops and private sessions on retreats and sometimes also accompanies you on the scuba diving courses or excursions.

Andrea’s mission is to provide you the best holiday experience in Mallorca and our new destinations.

Isabel Azorín

Founder | Meditarrean Expert | Location Scout | Designer

Isabel is a native to Mallorca and an excellent knower of Mediterranean culture and lifestyle. She is responsible for an important part of the organizational work behind your holiday experience. She makes sure that you get to the best, most authentic locations and participate on previously tested and approved programs only.

She loves traveling and design. Our carefully selected venues are always approved by her knowledge and taste.

Her goal is to take you to unique and beautiful location and provide you an unforgettable travel experience!

Adrienn Guhr

Health Food Chef

Adrienn is responsible to cook for you during your stay on our Mallorcan retreats. She does her best to offer to all of you delicious, nurturing, healthy, vegan and vegetarian dishes, including special dietary choices (gluten-, lactose-free and any other food intolerances).

She has learned cooking during traveling. She loves exploring cultures and countries through their cuisine. Adrienn believes that food is the core of our lives. It connects people, it divides people, it has a culture; how we grow it, how we harvest it, how we prepare and consume it.

Food is sacred; it nourishes the mind, body, and soul.

She aims to create a habit of conscious, nutritious, environmentally friendly dietary choices and a mindful eating experience.

Hence the main principles she follows when she cooks are: cooking with locally sourced, organic, seasonal ingredients; seasoning only with spices, dried and fresh herbs; no additives and no flavor enhancers; simple yet varied dishes; waste reducing.