Hello to all outdoor lovers! Unlimited adventures are waiting for you: from walking and hiking to rock climbing, mountain biking, road cycling. In other words, we make your adventure dreams come true! Our home island Mallorca offers a wast range of outdoor activities, but you can add outdoor sports to any retreat package and location!

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Are you a fitness instructor, or would you like to add fitness activities to your retreat program? There are many reasons to be fit, above all to maintain our health and quality of life. We offer all kinds of fitness activities with local instuctors, moreover, we support your fitness plan with the help of our private caterers.

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Most of our retreat locations are close to the ocean or a lake. Most importantly we are water lovers and you will get the best experience added to your retreat. Scuba diving, SUP, surfing, kiteboarding: you name it. Leisure sailing is available in Mallorca, in traditional boats called “llaut”.

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