Organic Agrotourism Farmstay Retreat

Laconia, Greece




4 houses with 4 beds


4 bathrooms


on request


The organic farmstay retreat is located in the Laconia region of Greece:

A diverse destination that includes a vast range of ancient sites, historical monuments, museums, beaches, and picturesque villages on the mountains or by the seaside. The Laconic Gulf between the two mountain ranges of Taygetos and Parnonas provide the area with an amazing variety of experiences from local cuisine, architecture, nature, scenery with alternating horizons and backgrounds.

There are a number of activities that you can enjoy in this magnificent part of the world, cave exploration in Diros, visit a petrified forest in Cape Maleas, go to the end of the world as it was known in ancient Greece in Cape Taineron and the southernmost tip of the Balkan peninsula.

Surf, scuba dive, mountain bike, hike up on the mountain ranges of Taygetos & Parnonas, visit the ancient port of Sparta near Gytheio, walk around the medieval castle town of Monemvasia. Walk along the monasteries and churches in Mystras home to the last Byzantine Emperor, experience the rugged beauty of the stone home fortresses of the Mani region. Walk around the delta of the river of Eurotas, a Natura protected natural habitat. Live in ancient Sparta, feel the mighty strength of this ancient Greek state.

Join us and we will help you explore this brilliant and historic landscape. We will be your guides in local tastes, sights, and culture.


Built with elements from traditional Greek farmhouse architecture with modern elegance each of the houses has its own private garden and a large veranda with great view of our ancient olive grove and the surrounding mountains.

Olive Tree House
Our ancient olive grove has inspired us to create one of our houses with color and theme based on the sacred tree of the Mediterranean. The olive tree provides us with its wonderful wood to keep us warm in the winter, to keep our stove burning to cook our amazing Greek diet. Our liquid gold olive oil with its medicinal properties and are full of nutrition olives feed your body and soul.

The houses are one with nature bringing the visitor closer to the Greek farming landscape. All the houses have a bedroom, a living room with a dining area, a fireplace and a fully equipped kitchen.

The houses and the bathroom water are heated and cooled through the use of geothermal power providing a pleasant environment and hygienic water. The houses all have televisions, DVD/CD/MP3/USB connection players as well as WIFI internet access.

In Floor Heating
Sealing Fans
Fully Equipped Kitchen
Natural Hand Soap & Natural Body Soap
Luxury Bathrobes
COCO-MAT Natural Mattresses
COCO-MAT Towels & Bed Sheets
Iron & Ironing board
Flat Screen Satellite TV
Entertainment center CD/DVD/USB Player
Free WIFI Internet Access
Daily Maid Service
Car Parking

Grapevine House
This house with its methistic concept relates to our wonderful wine yard with Greek varieties that bring the Greek landscape and nature to your lips.

Lavender House 
As you open the front door in the morning after a refreshing sleep you witness our lavender field, the amazing color and smell overtake your senses.

Almond Tree House
As the winter comes to an end right before spring comes with its huge force of life, our almond trees blossom bringing us hope for a superb spring and a crisp summer.

Sunflower House
Yellow, yellow, yellow … the rays of the sun and plant life come to a unique union and give us a powerful message of optimism for the future.

Womb Lounge
The communal area in our farm stay, The Womb Lounge with its reddish clay earth color inside and outside represents the womb that nurtures and protects us. Here you will find the lounge area with an open fireplace overlooking the ancient olive grove and the mountains Parnonas and Taygetos. A library, board games and wooden toys for kids, keeping everyone’s mind occupied. It is where you will enjoy your breakfast and other meals during your stay. Taste wines from one of the largest collections of Greek natural wines. An amazing terrace with panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and our olive grove. A patio where farm to table meals are served in the summer under the starlit sky looking into the cosmos.

A multi purpose area where many of the activities take place such as our natural wine tastings, olive oil tastings, farm to table cooking classes and natural soap making. The Womb Lounge is an all day spot in the farm where you come to learn, relax and meet others and enjoy our amazing zero kilometer gastronomy.


Olive Grove
a unique ancient olive grove unlike no other, untouched by the millennia in the center of our organic farm. Given to us to care for, we cultivate our perennial trees, the wild olives and the “new” ones. Three distinct varieties: Myrtolia, Koroneiki and Agrelia make our organic olive oil blend. Biodynamic, Permaculture and non-intrusive farming practices respect the flora and fauna and create ground for regenerative healing of the soil.

Heading into the 21st century our vision is to grasp the opportunity to reposition ourselves as individuals towards all of our human daily interactions. How we relate to nature, our relationships with other human beings. How we approach our business direction and decisions and how we view the world around us. We are in this fortunate position in human history in part to the incredible experience humanity has amassed in the past. As well as our ability to develop technology that can resolve the majority of our problems.

Our intent is to access the maturity and ingenuity that exists. To create projects that respect nature and our relationship with other humans. Projects that can provide continuing sustainable development and harness regenerative powers. While at the same time creating alternative realities by hacking the dead ends we face today as humanity.

We approach our relationship with nature with respect looking at issues from a holistic point of view. Keeping in mind that nature is not a single tree but a complex organism. That needs our respect and assistance to flourish and provide to humans all the necessary means to manifest our happiness.

Regenerative practices, biodynamic agriculture and permaculture give us the opportunity to assist nature to heal itself. To access forces locked within nature which can improve vitality and quality. We have a responsibility towards nature and our wish is to give back to her as much as it is possible.

Our relationship with our guests and people that purchases our products is built on respect. Aiming to create products and services that are of the highest quality and are certified by the public. We wish to provide an educational aspect to our products and services. Bringing our projects, nature and the people that come into contact with them closer.


The farm is located in Southern Greece in the Peloponnese at the prefecture of Laconia about 45 min southeast of the city of Sparta near the village of Gouves.

Please follow our directions and do not use google or other electronic maps on the final stage of the trip as they might take you through difficult paths.

From Athens you take the national highway Α8/E94 towards Corinth. You then take highway Α7/Ε65 to Tripoli and from there you continue towards Kalamata on the Α7/Ε65.

Take exit 14 Lefktro towards Sparta on the A71 and then take the exit to Sparti. Take the direction to Gytheio on the E961 and you turn right at the sign post with direction to the town of Monemvasia. You go through the town of Skala then you head towards the village of Vlachioti. After passing through the village of Vlachioti, you turn left at the sign post Gouves and head towards the village of Gouves. When you reach the village, on your left hand side you will see a church in a corner, make a left turn there and follow the signposts to the farm.

optional activities

Olive Oil & Olive Tasting
Learn all the secrets of the green gold of Greece, how to distinguish the fresh, extra virgin olive oil and the Greek olive varieties and how to store your olive oil properly. Meet our perennial olive trees that age more than 500 years – you can even hide in their trunk! This unique olive oil experience will teach you how to evaluate and choose the best olive oils for your cooking and dinner table.

Natural Olive Oil Soap Workshop
Experience firsthand how to make your own natural soap. Learn about the qualities of the herbs, select the herbs of your choice, combine them with organic extra virgin olive oil from our farm and make your personal soap bar with the natural cold method.

Olive Picking/Harvest
Join us this olive picking season in November & December and learn how to pick olives, make organic extra virgin olive oil and cure organic Kalamata olives. A visit to a local olive press, hot soups, fireplace, and board games along with strolls in the vibrant nature of our farm.

Olive Oil Immersion Experience
A 5-day tour where you will immerse yourself in the amazing world of liquid gold “olive oil”. Live in an ancient olive grove with perennial trees more than 2000 years old. Pick olives and learn how olive oil is made. Cook with the healthiest oil there is and make natural soap with it. Learn the great qualities and history of this nutritious oil. Touch, smell, taste, and cook in one holistic experience that will forever make you fall in love with olive oil.

Natural wine tasting and food pairing with local delicacies
Discover the Greek grape varieties through 5 natural organic wines paired with local cheeses and cured meat. Walk among our organic vineyards and learn the history of wine in Greece and the biodynamic practices that we follow.

Take a sip of the Peloponnese, taste, smell and feel the local Peloponnesian and Laconian grape varieties of Agiorgitiko, Avgoustiatis, Athyri, Kydonitsa and Moschofilero. This experience starts with a leisurely walking tour in Eumelia’s vineyards during which you will learn about the local grape varieties. The biodynamic agriculture, the vinification process and of course the wine history and culture of Greece. We then get to the terrace of the central building where the tasting takes place during sunset over the Taygetos mountain range. We uncork 5 of the most impressive natural wines and guide your palate to unknown flavors of the local grape varieties with a carefully selected assortment of savory delicacies.

Natural Wine Collection
One of the most extensive collections of Greek natural wines for your tasting pleasure. Our in house wine sommelier will guide and initiate you into the magnificent world of natural wines. Varieties unknown outside of Greece are introduced through a beautiful journey of the different terroir of Greece. Choose and enjoy a bottle of natural wine in your private veranda, during your farm to table meal or in our terrace under the starlit sky.

Grape Harvest & Stomp
Join us at eumelia and harvest grapes in August and September with us. We press them traditionally with the help of guests and friends of the farm to the sounds of music. Learn how to make your own wine surrounded by the magnificent mountain ranges of Taygetos and Parnonas. Followed by a traditional feast to celebrate this magnificent harvest occasion. A once in a lifetime wine experience not to missed.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be received in writing.
Each deposit paid (25% of retreat fee), is a non-refundable registration fee. In case of venue reservation a deposit of 30% has to be payed, that is non-refundable either.
Full refunds, less the standard deposit rate will be provided on cancellations, up to 90 days prior to the start date of the booked retreat.
A 50% refund, less the standard deposit rate will be provided on cancellations between 60-89 days prior to the start date of the booked retreat.
A 30% refund, less the standard deposit rate will be provided on cancellations between 30-59 days prior to the start date of the booked retreat.
No refund will be provided on cancellation between 29-0 days prior to the start date of the booked retreat.
No refund will be provided for premature leaving of the retreat or failure to arrive at the retreat for any reason.
All retreat payments are due 30 days prior to start date unless otherwise specified. Clients whose balances are not received by the 30-day deadline, risk forfeiting their retreat booking.

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