Seaview retreat villas in Kalamata

Mani, Greece


max. 26


10 double or triple bedrooms


10 bathrooms


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Be here now.

In a magnificent olive grove in Mani, a pristine, stunning retreat center for Yoga, Healing, and Meditation, we invite you to CONNECT with your highest, more healthy, joyous SELF. Join one of our scheduled retreats, or just come to relax in your own time. Our mission is simple: to help you regain your balance and wholeness through daily exercise – both dynamic and restorative, meditation, breathing. With delectable healthy meals and warm hospitality. Excellent experienced teachers will support you with love and care. Come solo or with your partner/friend(s) in order to heal, deepen your practice, refresh and ReCONNECT. 


It was a strong call to come, build, and inhabit the earth here, mother Gaia, relish her healing beauty and serenity, accept her invitation to cultivate deep practice through yoga, healthy nutrition, massage, community work, uplifting music and song, and, primarily, meditation. Accommodations at our Retreat are comfortable, and elegant if not luxurious. It took a battle with the Giants to overcome many obstacles and succeed in completing this first phase of building this retreat. Recourses are expensive and we picked the best materials and craftsmanship, so I hope when you try to invite your friends and students, they will understand that they will be staying in a hand carved paradise on earth.

Villa Esther

A two story building with 2 double rooms and one triple room each with private bathrooms. There is a large common kitchen fully furnished and equipped where you can fix your tea or coffee and store your treats as needed.
Total Capacity: 7 guests

Villa Athena

Also a two story building featuring 3 rooms, exact twin of Villa Esther. Two double rooms and one triple room each with private bathrooms plus kitchen area.
Total Capacity: 7 guests


There are several terraces on which yoga classes currently take place depending on the sun and the time of the day. One of our most unique attractions our newly build magnificent yoga deck. Large enough to accommodate 50-60 people with great views of the sea and horizon, our finely crafted Yoga Deck is actually one of the best places in the world to practice. You are up there in heaven practically, with mesmerising views and a very pleasant breeze even in the hottest summer days… Build with the finest African Iroko wood and assembled by the best professionals in the field in Greece, our Yoga Shala makes your trip to Mani worthy and memorable. Interior Yoga, Mediation Hall and/or Pilates Studio Space for about 16 people. A very quiet, sunny room with finely crafted iron wood floors, in soft white shades and Zen simplicity.

The Food

We serve local, tasty and pure, clean food. Our special diet options include vegan, gluten-free and non-lactose. Please also inform us about your possible allergies.

Our food is plant based, Mediterranean diet, produced in our retreat restaurant


The hidden coast of Europe: few people know the stunning coastline of the Mani peninsula. This cultural region of southern Greece claims its cultural origin from ancient Spartans. The Mani peninsula forms a continuation of the Taygetos mountain range, the western spine of the Peloponnese.

The region is also known for world class olive oil production and the local honey is also considered a delicacy. 


HIKING around Kardamili:
Land of stone and light, villages perched on the outskirts of Mount Taygetos with tower houses and countless chapels, settlements bordering with the sea, steep canyons and caves and beaches entangled with olive groves. The charm of Mani is precisely these contrasts. This is a hike to the land and the traditions of the Mani, the place where every stone has its own history. Here, the magnificence of the mountainous nature is harmoniously combined with the allure of the sea as gigantic Mount Taygetos is so close from the embrace of the Mediterranean. Our tour starts from the fortified tower houses of old Kardamili as you follow the path that once was part of the ancient so called ‘’royal road’’ connecting Kardamili with Sparta. Along the way you visit some of the traditional, beautiful little villages of the region, you walk through their narrow streets as you learn about their past. Byzantine churches, stone built watchtowers, old fountains olive and grain mills reveal the life of the past. A small break for a healthy picnic with traditional local delicacies gives us additional supply of energy.

HIKING to St. Sophia Church:
An easy hike, of about 2 kilometers. Nice nature, flowers, sceneries, an enjoyable hike. After visiting the old Kardamyli complex you should walk up the nice kalderimi (old traditional stone path) to the small church of Agia Sophia. What you will enjoy is the very beautiful views, almost all the way, of Kardamyli. Taking your camera is a must. It is a very easy ascend even for small children. If you like to walk further you can continue to the paths after the church.

Rent a bicycle and cycle around Kardamili or join a mountain bike tour of great trails & mountains.

A Visit to Stoupa town and beaches
Stoupa is a village on the coast of the southern Peloponnese peninsula in Greece. It is part of the community of Neochori within the municipal unit of West Mani, in Messenia and the historic region of Mani Peninsula. Once a sleepy little town, in the past few years more and more tourists have discovered Stoupa. There are about 20 restaurants lining the road along the beach, a few small hotels, and many rental houses. Besides Greek tourists, who come mostly in August, British and German, as well as Dutch, French and Italian tourists visit in the summer season. Stoupa also has rich cultural history. It is where the Greek writer
Nikos Kazantzakis travelled to with George Zorbas whom Kazantzakis employed as the foreman of his lignite mine, the entrance to which can still be seen in a hillside nearby. It is their time together in Stoupa that the novel Zorba the Greek is based upon, written after hearing news of Zorba’s death. There is a bust of Nikos Kazantzakis on the cliff overlooking Kalogria beach, at the corner of the main road and the beach approach. Stoupa is just 7 km away from the historic area of Kardamili, which is mentioned in work by Homer.
Sea Kayaking in Kardamili and Stoupa
Mani Water Sports | Kayak in ManiPaddling at the foot of the imposing Mount Taygetos, you discover the wild beauty of a place that was never conquered. Sea Kayaks give us the opportunity to explore inch by inch the rich in imagery and diversity indented coastline of the Mani. You paddle in warm turquoise waters, exploring hidden coves and impressive rock formations. You visit sea caves and discover idyllic beaches sprouted between the rich in history and tradition coastal fishing villages of the region. You get our kayaks and begin to enjoy an excursion where each little cove hides a special surprise such as hidden caves, cliffs with spectacular formations and unique beaches with sand or pebbles such as the well hidden beach of Foneas with the white pebbles and the sandy beach of Delfinia. Weather and time permitting you head to Stoupa and the beach of Kalogria with its fine golden sand and turquoise waters. The beach of Kalogria is known as the beach of Zorbas, as this was the place where writer Nikos Kazantzakis met his hero of his book Zorba the Greek. Halfway you make a relaxing stop for swimming, snorkeling and a picnic with local traditional delicacies.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be received in writing.
Each deposit paid (25% of retreat fee), is a non-refundable registration fee. In case of venue reservation a deposit of 30% has to be payed, that is non-refundable either.
Full refunds, less the standard deposit rate will be provided on cancellations, up to 90 days prior to the start date of the booked retreat.
A 50% refund, less the standard deposit rate will be provided on cancellations between 60-89 days prior to the start date of the booked retreat.
A 30% refund, less the standard deposit rate will be provided on cancellations between 30-59 days prior to the start date of the booked retreat.
No refund will be provided on cancellation between 29-0 days prior to the start date of the booked retreat.
No refund will be provided for premature leaving of the retreat or failure to arrive at the retreat for any reason.
All retreat payments are due 30 days prior to start date unless otherwise specified. Clients whose balances are not received by the 30-day deadline, risk forfeiting their retreat booking.

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