Sailing: a dream for many, yet it does not seem to be the most typical choice when a yoga teacher plans a yoga retreat. We have experienced many interest from yoga teachers in the last years to host a retreat on a boat, but it always run into the same dead end street: how do we solve the problem of practicing yoga twice a day and how do we give enough privacy to participants, so that they can actually enjoy their holidays. 

I am personally a sailing enthusiast, and fully convinced, that a sailing retreat can be an enhanced experience compared to a usual yoga retreat. However, until now, I have not found a boat, where I said: this is it! Our retreat haven on the water…

This year has brought so many changes, that I have started investing more time in finding the ideal sail retreat location. 

And here it is: a 65 ft catamaran, based in Palma de Mallorca (our hometown), that compares to a luxury villa in size and comfort. 

It has the last high tech technical equipment, a beautiful, spacious kitchen and living room, chill out areas and the best part: a deck large enough to teach the classes on board! 

As we would like to keep these retreats exclusive and comfortable, we have place for maximum 6 guests  (in shared double cabins) + the yoga teacher. 

All retreats are all inclusive: with catering on board (healthy, local meals based on the Mediterranean diet), two yoga classes and a lot of activities: sunset SUP excursions and unlimited swimming and snorkelling. 

As the catamaran is on solar power, we don’t use generators, so the sailing is basically noiseless. Also, we do not need to spend all nights in a port, depending on the route, we can spend nights in small, protected bays (calas in Mallorquin). Imagine stargazing and a glass of wine in complete silence…

The experience is both available to yoga teachers, who would like to bring a small group on board with us, and individuals, who would like to spend a week sailing around Mallorca. 

Last but not least, the boat is owned by a lovely couple, who have been sailing in the Mediterranean in the last 35 years, on board their historic wooden boat. You will be in the best possible hands to get the most of this unique experience! If you have any questions about the sailing and yoga retreat in Mallorca, just drop us a line!

Looking forward to sharing this salty experience with you in 2021!